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Unit Plan

May 10, 2011

What is a Unit Plan?

        A unit plan is developed by the teacher and serves as a long-range plan. It contains multiple lessons that are related. Below you will find the Suggested Unit Plan Format (Tennessee Framework for Evaluation and Professional Growth) components followed by explanations of each. While all unit plans are not identical (different states may use different formats), the major components will remain the same.

Once you have set instructional objectives for yourself and decided on a criterion for organizing our program into units (see How to design a language and culture learning program), the next step is to make unit plans.

Unit Plans should include the following


  • Objectives

  • Techniques and Activities

  • Resources

  • A projected time frame

  • An evaluation criterion

Follow these steps to make a unit plan

  1. Review the set of objectives you have decided to base your unit on.

  2. Decide on the techniques and activities you will use to meet these objectives.

  3. List any resources you will need to carry out the techniques and activities.

  4. Decide how long it will take to do all the techniques and activities.

  5. Decide how you will determine whether or not you have met your objectives.

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